Monday, June 7, 2010


  • 50min talktime to all operator instead of rm10 for 30min for Maxis - Maxis
  • 100 SMS
  • SMS Trivia Package
  • 1 free collectable postcard
  • 120min @ 2hour talktime to all operator
  • 300sms
  • SMS News Package
  • 1 Free Collectable 3d Poster
FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

I have just purchased a Hot Ticket. How do I activate it?
There are 2 ways to activate your Hot Ticket. Just scratch the back panel to reveal the 14-digit code. Then dial *105*14-digit code# to activate. Or dial *100# and select Hot Ticket followed by Enter Code.

How do I know if I have successfully activated the Hot Ticket?
You will receive confirmation messages via SMS upon successful activation.

How do I check my Hot Ticket balance?
Dial *100#, select Hot Ticket for balance enquiry for your minutes and SMS balances.

I accidentally keyed in the codes more than 3 times. Is there a limit to the number of tries one has before the Hot Ticket is blocked?
No, there is no limit imposed.

Is there an expiry date in the Hot Ticket?
Yes. The promotion will no longer be valid if you dial in the 14-digit code after the expiry date on the Hot Ticket.

What happens if I still have unutilized minutes / SMS after the 30 days validity?
All unutilized minutes / SMS will be zero-rized after the validity period.

I over-scratched the Hot Ticket and the some part of the codes can’t be seen clearly. What can I do?When I key in the codes, the system inform me that I have entered an invalid pin. What can I do?
Walk into any Maxis Centers and your card will be checked. You will receive your Hot Ticket offers within 24 hours.

My phone does not support GPRS. Would I be compensated for the wallpaper I am entitled to?
You will receive a picture message in the place of the wallpaper instead.

MOU Super Savers used to be from 12.30am – 8am and SMS Super Savers from 6am-6pm. What is the usage time now?
The usage time effective from 08/02/2010 is 12am-10am for both MOU and SMS Super Savers.

What if I bought Super Savers via UMB, can I still opt for Hot Tickets?
If you still have Super Savers balance, you are not allowed to purchase any Super Savers, however you can purchase Hot Ticket. If you have depleted Super Savers balance, you can purchase any Super Savers or Hot Ticket.

What if I bought Hot Ticket, can I still opt in Super Savers via UMB?
If you still have Hot Ticket balance, you are not allowed to purchase any Super Savers, however you can purchase Hot Tickets. If you have depleted your Hot Ticket balance, then you can purchase any Super Savers or Hot Ticket.

What is my bundle expiry if I opt for Super Savers then Hot Ticket?
Super Savers validity is 1 day. Hot Ticket’s validity is 30 days. If you purchased Super Savers e.g. 100Mins expiry 1/1/2010 and on the same day purchased Hot Ticket e.g. 50Mins valid 30 days till 31/1/2010, the bundle amount will be accumulated to 150Mins and expiry = 31/1/2010

What if I bought Hot Ticket and finished the balance before expiry and then purchase Super Savers?
If for example, your Hot Ticket is valid till 31/1/2010 and you finished the balance on 10/1/2010 then you purchase Super Savers on 10/1/2010 which supposed to be valid for 1 day. In this case, your Super Savers bundle will expire 31/1/2010. System will take the greatest date.

What if I top up before my SMS and MOU validity?
Say you top up RM10 on 29/1/2010 and your Hot Ticket validity is until 31/1/2010. Your validity for both your SMS and MOU will be extended to 08/02/2010 with your RM10 top up.

Are the Talktime Minutes and SMS applicable to non-Maxis and Hotlink numbers?
No. The Talktime Minutes and SMS are only valid to Maxis and Hotlink users from 12am – 10am.

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